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4 Key Elements to Include in a Business Plan Summary

A business plan can be the roadmap to success and profitability for an enterprise. While traditional business plans are usually longer, detailed documents that include a number of sections and in-depth analysis, however, the business plan summary should only be about one page long. Given that this summary may be the only thing potential partners, […]

Business Planning & Formation: 6 Essential Topics to Cover in Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks can be essential to establishing good, lasting employer-employee relationships. While employee handbooks can cover a lot of issues, however, the following are generally the most important topics to details in these handbooks: General employment info – This should provide an overview of the business, along with general employment policies, such eligibility for employment, […]

Business Financing: How to Prepare Your Business to Borrow

Funds to start and run a business can come from various sources – including from the owner’s (or owners’) own pockets, from other investors or even from third-party lenders. While there may be special steps that business owners need to take when looking for investors, when trying to secure a business loan from a financial […]

7 Questions to Answer before Starting a Business

When preparing to form a business, there can be a lot of issues to consider and resolve ahead of time in order to position that business for success in the future. If you are getting ready to go into business for yourself, here are some essential questions to ask yourself and honestly answer so that […]

The Difference between Employees versus Contractors: What Business Owners Need to Know

When hiring staff to run a business, owners and managers can choose to take on their new hires as either employees or contract workers. Understanding the difference between these two types of staff can be crucial in appropriately classifying workers and, in turn, avoiding potentially costly disputes in the future. What is an ‘Employee’? In […]

4 Helpful Tips for Developing Effective Business Plan Executive Summaries

A business plan executive summary may be your only chance to communicate how your business will achieve success to potential investors, partners, employees and others. Given that these summaries are limited in length, below are some tips on what to focus on in order to develop a compelling, effective executive summary for your business plan. […]

5 Questions Business Owners Should Ask When Considering Government Contracting

Getting into government contracting can be a boon for businesses, providing them with a steady stream of work for months or even years. When business leaders decide to get into government contracting, however, asking the following questions first can help them figure out: The types of contracts to bid on What they may need to […]

3 Ways to Protect Business Trade Secrets with Non-Employees

A business’ trade secrets can be the basis of success for that enterprise. While we’ve discussed what businesses can do to protect their trade secrets with new and departing employees in previous blogs, here, we will point out some of the primary ways to protect trade secrets in dealings with non-employees. Protecting Trade Secrets in […]

6 Steps to Take before Changing Your Business’ Name

Businesses that gain or lose a partner, those who are trying to rebrand and even those that may be trying to get away from a negative association may all consider changing their names. Regardless of why a business name needs to be changed, the how of it is typically involved. By taking certain steps ahead […]

FAQs about Business Exit & Succession Planning

Leaving a business can be one of the biggest financial moves a business owner makes during his lifetime. When this time comes and owners have developed an effective exit plan, they can position themselves to leave on their terms – maximizing the possible payouts they receive while minimizing the associated tax liabilities. To underscore the […]

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