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Denver Zoning Issues and Disputes Attorney

Zoning and land use issues can seriously compromise the progress and cost of development projects, potentially creating huge financial and legal headaches for individuals and businesses. From developers and construction foremen to property owners and others, the problems of zoning issues can be felt far and wide and need to be resolved as efficiently as possible to reduce the potential costs to those involved.

Denver Zoning Issues and Disputes Attorney Thomas E. Downey has a record of success when it comes to resolving various land use and zoning issues.

Denver Zoning Issues and Disputes Attorney Thomas E. Downey has a record of success when it comes to resolving various land use and zoning issues.

At Downey & Associates, PC, our Denver zone issues and disputes lawyer has more than three decades of experience representing the rights and interests of various parties plagued by zoning and land use issues. He is skilled at developing unique, innovative solutions to zoning disputes so that his clients’ businesses and projects can move forward with minimal future roadblocks.

Our Zoning Issues and Disputes Services

Some of the specific zoning issues services that we regularly provide to both individuals and corporate clients alike can include (but are not limited to):

  • Obtaining land permits and resolving title questions
  • Securing historic land or building status
  • Transferring development rights
  • Thoroughly reviewing plans and other documents to ensure compliance or challenge allegations of noncompliance
  • Managing the legal issues associated with affordable housing developments
  • Overseeing issues associated with the development and maintenance of homeowners’ associations
  • Litigating zoning disputes related to environmental regulation, property taxes, financing, etc.

Whether in arbitration, court or administrative proceedings (including those for planning and zoning boards), we are skilled at effectively and aggressively representing our clients.

Denver Zoning Issues and Disputes Lawyer at Downey & Associates, PC

If you need assistance with any zoning issue, including zoning disputes, contact Denver Zoning Issues and Disputes Lawyer Thomas E. Downey.

Since 1983, Thomas Downey and the other legal professionals at Downey & Associates, PC, have been providing individuals and businesses in the Denver Metro Area and throughout the U.S. with the highest level of legal service for their real estate, litigation, property tax and business legal issues. Our dedication to our clients, coupled with our extensive experience handling complex matters of real estate law, means that our clients can always trust that we will ardently advocate their rights and help them achieve the best possible outcomes to their sensitive legal matters.

When you make the wise choice to work with our Denver zoning Issues attorney, you can be confident that, at every stage of the legal process, your case will be handled with expert care and attention and that we will work relentlessly to help you resolve your case as favorably and efficiently as possible. We have the integrity, experience and resources necessary to ensure that you will receive the highest level of personal service, the highest quality legal services and, ultimately, the best possible resolution to your case.

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