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At Downey & Associates, PC, we are entrepreneurs at heart. Our Denver business lawyers understand the challenges that business owners face in starting, running and growing successful businesses, and we take great pride in walking beside them and helping them tackle those challenges.

Our clients include small Denver-area businesses, large multinationals requiring local counsel, NYSE-traded companies, international banks, financial institutions, and insurance carriers. We help them resolve a wide range of business and commercial law matters.

If you own a business in Colorado, or if your out-of-state company does business in Colorado, contact us to learn more about how our Denver business lawyers can help.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

As a business owner, you might feel isolated. You are in charge, but who do you turn to when you have questions about how and where you should be leading your company? With more than 35 years of experience, we have had our hands in thousands of business transactions. Coupled with our legal know-how, that experience gives our firm a great vantage point from which to offer other business owners sound advice.

Our lawyers offer counsel to business owners in many areas, including:

  • Selecting an appropriate business entity: sole proprietorship, limited liability company (PC), S-corp, C-corp, limited partnership or another option
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts, leases, business plans, financing documents and employee handbooks
  • Recovering from business deals and business partnerships that have gone bad, including partnership dissolution
  • Conducting the acquisition or sale of a business or assets
  • Managing risks through buy-sell agreements, trade secret and non-compete contracts and other asset protection strategies
  • Addressing employment concerns including discrimination and wrongful termination charges
  • Litigating or negotiating disputes as required
  • Complying with government mandates including OSHA and MSHA regulations

All of our work is based on a central goal of finding the most cost-effective resolutions. For example, despite maintaining a vibrant and active litigation practice, we do not encourage clients to litigate unless other avenues of potential resolution have failed. We can often resolve disputes more quickly and inexpensively through mediation and arbitration.

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Call us at 303-813-1111 or contact us online to discuss an issue related to business formation, business transactions or any other commercial law matter. We are available for free initial consultations for those who qualify. We make evening appointments and can accept credit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Does a Denver Business Lawyer Provide to Local Companies?

As a Denver business attorney, we offer comprehensive legal services to support Denver-area businesses. Our expertise spans from assisting small local companies to large multinationals and NYSE-traded companies in various business and commercial law matters. Whether it's business formation, transactional advice, or dispute resolution, our team is dedicated to guiding Colorado entrepreneurs through the legal complexities of running a successful business.

How Can a Denver Business Attorney Assist in Business Formation in Colorado?

Initiating a business in Colorado involves intricate legal procedures, which is where a Denver business lawyer plays a crucial role. Our services include advising on the selection of appropriate business entities, drafting contracts, and ensuring compliance with state regulations. We help entrepreneurs in Colorado navigate the legal aspects of business formation, ensuring a strong foundation for their ventures.

Why Choose a Colorado Business Attorney for Contractual Matters?

Contractual agreements are pivotal in any business operation. As experienced Denver business attorneys, we specialize in drafting and reviewing contracts to safeguard your business interests. Our legal expertise ensures that your contracts are compliant with Colorado laws and effectively manage risks, providing a secure framework for your business dealings.

Can a Business Attorney in Colorado Help Resolve Commercial Disputes?

Yes, resolving commercial disputes efficiently is crucial for business continuity. As seasoned Denver business lawyers, we have a deep understanding of Colorado's commercial law. Our approach involves strategic negotiation and, when necessary, litigation, to protect your interests and achieve favorable outcomes in disputes.

Looking for Expert Legal Guidance for Your Business in Colorado?

Navigating the legal landscape of business and commercial law in Colorado can be challenging. If you're seeking expert legal advice or have any questions about how we can assist your business, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We offer free initial consultations for qualifying cases and are committed to supporting your business's legal needs.

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