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City Hall Sued over 'Surprise' Grove Development Project in Historic Bemis Neighborhood

The Grove development project seems to be taking fire from every direction. First, the project developer threatened to file a $30 million lawsuit against the city for its attempts to halt the development plans. Now, nearby neighbors are up in arms over the scope of the project - and its potential impacts on their community.

“Fight the Grove – Save Our Historic Neighborhood,” yard signs put up by local residents read. They are reportedly fed up with alleged zoning violations and a development project that some are saying is too big and out of place for the historic Bemis neighborhood.

As a matter of fact, some residents are taking their fight straight to City Council to see if they can stop the developer, Zocalo Community Development, from starting construction.

Details and Allegations Surrounding the Neighborhood Lawsuit

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The following details the allegations and events surrounding the neighborhood dispute over the Grove mixed-use development project:

  • Local residents claim that the city and developer have turned a blind eye to the concerns of locals and that they are doing everything in their power to get the 160-unit, six-story, senior-living development project built. Residents also alleged that the city and developer have overlooked important zoning regulations.
  • Some of the houses located right across the street from the massive mixed-use development are turn-of-the-century historic homes.
  • Views of the mountains and the skyline will be blocked by the new development, allege some neighbors.
  • One resident calls the project “an urban architecture that’s getting dropped like a bomb into this historic neighborhood.”
  • Neighbors claim the building permits were issued without any feedback or comments from the general public.
  • Nearly a dozen residents have been protesting the development. They say that they plan to march to the next City Council meeting to talk to civic leaders and take a stand against the project.
  • The neighbors filed a lawsuit to try to squash the development before the construction phase gets underway.

Do the Neighbors Have a Case?

Based on the available facts and court documents, it seems that the city and developer may have rushed into this development and overlooked the need for (or importance of) public input with regards to this development project.

What remains to be determined, however, is whether:

  • The lack of public input would be enough to halt the development, especially in light of the fact that the city manager reviewed the development and has affirmed that it meets city codes and regulations
  • The city did, in fact, violate any regulations with regard to public comment and/or hearings for this proposed development project.

If so, the neighbors may have grounds to sue and seek monetary damages. As more news about this contentious issues becomes available, we'll report the latest details to you here, in future blog.

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