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Multi-Million NFL Contract Dispute Nears Resolution

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Von Miller of the Denver Broncos is embroiled in an intense contract dispute with the team, and he doesn’t appear to be blinking. The Super Bowl MVP’s last contract offer of $114.5 million over six years would make him the highest paid, non-quarterback player in the National Football League.

So, you might be asking yourself: “What the heck is he waiting for?” The answer is quite simple really. He wants more of the guaranteed money up front.

What Part of the $114.5M Contract is Von Miller Contesting?

The Broncos have given Miller their exclusive franchise tag, but Miller has yet to sign the one-year tender that guarantees him $14.1 million. Also, in the fine details of the contract it only guarantees $38.5 million and two years with the possibility to earn an additional bonus of $1.3 million for attending workouts. The third years of the contract only guarantees for injury, when Miller reaches that part of the contract.1

In the pro sports world, contracts like this will largely be hashed out until both sides are in agreement on the amount to be guaranteed in the first three years. Miller and the Broncos have until July 15 to work out the guaranteed amount.

How Miller Might View the Deal?

Buffalo Bills tackle Marcell Dareus is at the top of the guaranteed earnings list, among who are non-quarterbacks, with $60 million guaranteed in his sixth year. Dareus’ overall contract was extended for him to make $96.5 million.

Then there’s the Miami Dolphins that offered defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh a $114 million contract for six years, but that included a guarantee of $59.96 million in the first three years. The Broncos contract would essentially put Miller ahead of Ndamunkong’s deal, but with less guaranteed earnings.

Miller and his agent will obviously use the aforementioned scenarios as precedence and leverage to try and nail him more guaranteed earnings as well as earlier in the contract period.

How Might the Broncos Head Office See the Contract Negotiations?

Historically, the Denver Broncos have been miserly when it comes to player contract negotiations. But, they also tend to take care of their franchise players, so there may be room for negotiations before the contract deadline. For instance, one thing they like to do is divvy the payout structure over the three years with the third year picking up the biggest payout.

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