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There was a day when you could do business with a handshake. As a business owner, you know that kind of trust is naive and can put your company at risk. So you shake hands, and then you follow up with contracts and agreements. Even with those tools in place, you might find that your trust is broken — a client refuses to comply with the terms of a purchase agreement, a sub-contractor fails to perform the duties assigned, or a former employee takes a piece of intellectual property and shares it with a competitor.

The attorneys at Downey & Associates, PC help to make things right for business owners who have been taken advantage of or treated unfairly. With more than 35 years of business and commercial litigation experience, we provide an authoritative voice in business disputes and have a reputation for being powerful allies in the courtroom.

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Our firm represents clients in a wide range of business litigation cases including:

Our central goal is to find the most cost-effective resolution to your issue. We will not push you to litigation unless other options have been explored and failed. We can often resolve disputes more quickly and inexpensively through mediation and arbitration.

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