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4 Key Elements to Include in a Business Plan Summary

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A business plan can be the roadmap to success and profitability for an enterprise. While traditional business plans are usually longer, detailed documents that include a number of sections and in-depth analysis, however, the business plan summary should only be about one page long.

Given that this summary may be the only thing potential partners, investors, employees or others read about your business (before making a choice to invest in or work with your enterprise), crafting a compelling business plan summary is essential. And, the most compelling summaries will typically be those that accurately and succinctly cover the following key elements:

  1. An overview of the business – This should highlight the main points, including the structure of the business, the name of the enterprise, the primary business location and all of the business owners. It should also explain what the business will do or sell and what experience the owners have to position the enterprise for success.
  2. A market summary – This aspect of a business plan summary should explain who the target customer base is for the business, how the enterprise stands out above competitors and what strategies the owner(s) intend to use to market and grow the business. If the enterprise will start out with limited products or services and then expand them, the plan for expansion should be explained here as well.
  3. The business financials – Here, it’s important to discuss the startup costs for the business, as well as where the funds to cover these costs will come from (including whether some portion of these costs will be paid directly by the owner(s)). This aspect of business plan summaries should also explain the current financial status of the business/its owners, as well as the projected profits for the first six months, one year, or some other frame of time.
  4. A plan for the future – This should clearly explain the vision and goals for the company, as well as the steps that will be necessary to take in order to meet these goal. Given the fact that these summaries need to be kept short, this section tends to work well as a series of bullet points.

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