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Whether you own residential or commercial property, the valuation of that property is crucial to establishing your property tax obligations. This means that, when appraisers overvalue your property, you could responsible for paying an excessive amount of property taxes every year, and this can become a huge financial headache and stress when people own multiple properties (and are facing multiple overvaluations).

Since 1983, Denver Property Tax Assessments Attorney Thomas E. Downey has been helping property owners challenge overvaluations to reduce their tax obligations.

Since 1983, Denver Property Tax Assessments Attorney Thomas E. Downey has been helping property owners challenge overvaluations to reduce their tax obligations.

At Downey & Associates, PC, our Denver property tax assessments attorney has more than 30 years of experience representing the rights and interests of property owners, especially when it comes to property tax-related matters. Our primary goal is to help our clients receive fair and accurate property valuations so they can reduce their overall property tax costs as much as possible.

Our Property Tax Assessment Services

Some of our specific property tax assessment services include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Thoroughly reviewing the details of appraisal reports to determine when an overvaluation may have occurred with our clients’ properties
  • Identifying specific mistakes or omissions with an appraisal report (like, for instance, when inappropriate sales comparisons for the property are used or when there is a complete lack of recent comparable sales data)
  • Negotiating substantial reductions in our clients’ property assessment tax obligations
  • Assuring compliance with various real estate and property tax issues
  • Ongoing monitoring and analysis of our clients’ real estate portfolios
  • Appealing overvaluations for our clients’ (regardless of whether the overvaluation is associated with a residential or commercial property).

Denver Property Tax Assessments Lawyer at Downey & Associates, PC

If you need assistance with any issues regarding a property tax assessment for your residence or commercial property, contact Denver Property Tax Assessments Lawyer Thomas E. Downey.

Since 1983, Thomas Downey and the other legal professionals at Downey & Associates, PC, have been providing individuals and businesses in the Denver Metro Area and throughout the U.S. with the highest level of legal service for their tax, real estate and litigation issues. Our unwavering commitment to our clients, coupled with our extensive experience handling complex matters of property tax law, means that our clients can always trust that we will aggressively protect their rights and help them achieve the best possible outcomes to their sensitive legal matters.

A choice to work with our Denver property tax assessments attorney can give you confidence that, at every stage of the legal process, your case will be handled with expert care and attention and that we will work diligently to help you resolve your case as favorably and efficiently as possible. We have the integrity, experience and resources necessary to ensure that you will receive the highest level of personal service, the highest quality legal services and, ultimately, the best possible resolution to your case.

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From our law offices in Centennial, we serve clients throughout Colorado and the U.S.

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