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Maintaining a Business: Colorado Corporation Requirements

After setting up a corporation in Colorado, there will be some ongoing requirements that you’ll have to fulfill in order to keep the business in compliance and maintain the limited liability it provides. Below, we’ll point out the typical ongoing requirements for corporation owners in Colorado.

Corporate Record Requirements in Colorado

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At a corporation’s headquarters or principal place of business, the following records for the corporation must be maintained:

  • The Articles of Incorporation and any related bylaws
  • 3 years of minutes/meeting records from all director/shareholder meetings
  • All financial statements for the corporation for the past 3 years
  • Records of all director/shareholder actions taken without holding a meeting, as well as actions a committee of the board of directors has taken without holding a meeting
  • All written communications to shareholders for the prior 3 years
  • Records of all waivers of shareholder/director/board meeting notices
  • Records of the shareholders’ names and addresses, alphabetized by class of shares
  • A list of the names and business addresses of each of the current directors and officers
  • A copy of the corporation’s most recent annual report.

Additional Ongoing Corporate Requirements in Colorado

In addition to maintaining the above records, the following must also be done to keep a corporation in compliance:

  • File an annual report with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office – This annual report, which is also referred to as the Periodic Report must be filed within 3 months of the anniversary of the entity’s formation.
  • Pay all necessary taxes
  • Renew the corporation business license as needed
  • Renew any necessary operating permits as needed.

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