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How to Figure Out If You Have a “Small Business”

Although you may think your business’ operations are small, there are specific standards a business entity has to meet in order to qualify as a small business. Understanding what these standards are can be critical to determining whether your business qualifies for small business loans (and government contracts/other opportunities).

What Qualifies as a Small Business?

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According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), a “small business” is any business entity that either:

  • Has maintained less than a certain number of employees over the past 12 months – This number will vary by industry. For instance, while a small air transportation business can have up to 1,499 employees, a small publishing or Internet company can have up to 499 employees.
  • Has less than a certain amount in average annual receipts – This too varies by industry; however, for most nonmanufacturing industries, this amount is $7.5 million.

Along with meeting either one of the above requirements, a small business must also fulfill the following:

  • The business has to be run for profit (i.e., not be a nonprofit) and has to have a place of operation in the U.S.
  • The business has to primarily operate out of the U.S. or make a substantial contribution to the American economy.
  • The business has to be independently owned and operated and NOT be a dominant entity in its field or industry.

More Important Info about Qualifying as a Small Business

  • The size standards for small businesses are regularly updated to match the changing market.
  • If business owners want to apply for federal contracts, they must certify that their business is small.
  • To certify your business as a small business, your company will need to be registered with the government’s System for Award Management (this is also referred to as “self-certifying” your business).

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