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CBS Corp Sues Judge Judy over Show Profits, Alleged Fraud

Who knew this sleepy-town family court judge would one day be the center of contention surrounding a multi-million-dollar lawsuit. Well, it appears Los Angeles superior court Judge Yvette Plazuelos has ruled that Judge Judy Sheindlin’s agent, Rebel Entertainment Partners, can go ahead with their lawsuit against CBS television.

Unless there is some sort of pre-trial resolution, the trial is set for October 23, 2017.

Judge Judy’s Salary Case Details and Allegations

CBS Corp Sues Judge Judy over Show Profits, Alleged Fraud | Denver Business Attorney

CBS Corp Sues Judge Judy over Show Profits, Alleged Fraud | Denver Business Attorney

The following case details and allegations surrounding Judge Judy’s controversial salary case were gather from new reports and court documents:1

  • Rebel Entertainment Partners filed the lawsuit on March 14 claiming that it is entitled to 5% of the show’s profits, but haven’t received a payment since 2010.
  • In 2010, reality show star and judge Sheindlin’s salary doubled. The former family court judge now makes an estimated $47 million salary.
  • Besides not getting paid for six years, Rebel claims it’s owed money from Sheindlin’s spin-off show called "Hot Bench."
  • Rebel also claims it believes it was snubbed of its share of profits because of Sheindlin’s high salary. Sheindlin is not named in the lawsuit.
  • The lawsuit alleges that CBS has made gross revenues of $1.7 billion since it first aired in 1996.
  • CBS fired back on April 15, 2016 with allegations of fraudulent misrepresentation. CBS claims the plaintiffs’ are misrepresenting their role with regard to Sheindlin’s success and that they are not entitled to any profits.2
  • For her part, Sheindlind says the plaintiffs cannot claim they was behind her success and that they not entitled to any profits either.

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1“Judge Judy's $47m salary at the center of lawsuit against CBS” published in the Guardian, July 2016.

2“CBS Sees ‘Judge Judy’ Lawsuit Over $47M Salary & Profits Get Trial Date” published in Deadline, July 2016.






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