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Everyone gets their day in court. Even really strange folks and entities too. Well, it seems there’s a defamation lawsuit case in Boulder County District Court in which a famous UFO researcher has allegedly been saying humiliating and harmful things to the online community that could injure Gaia, Inc.’s professional reputation.

“Denver Luciferian coven equals CIA front” and “Satanists” are some of the accusations made by UFO and crop circle researcher, filmmaker and Nederland resident (who will remain un-named for this blog), the lawsuit alleges.1

Strange and Defamatory Accusations, Claims and Statements Made in the Gaia V. UFO Researchers Case

New Age Company Sues UFO Researcher for Defamation | Denver Business and Commercial Litigation Lawyer

New Age Company Sues UFO Researcher for Defamation | Denver Business and Commercial Litigation Lawyer

There’s no shortage of bizarre accusations and claims made by both sides in this stranger than fiction case:

What Must Gaia Prove to Win Their Defamation Case?

There are defamation laws in every state. The following are the four main things that must be proven by plaintiffs to win a defamation case:

  1. Plaintiff must prove that the defendant made a false and defamatory statement about them.
  2. Plaintiff must prove that the defendant published a defamatory remark about them with a third party without permission.
  3. Plaintiff must prove that the publisher of the defamatory material acted in a negligent manner with regard to the material.
  4. In Colorado, the plaintiff must also prove special damages.

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1“UFO filmmaker who called former client ‘Luciferian’ sued for defamation” published in Business Den, Aug. 2018.

2“Gaia sues Boulder UFO filmmaker for defamation” published in Daily Camera, Aug. 2018.

All Natural Transdermal Cannabis Patch developer RX Green has filed a counter lawsuit against a competitor claiming the owner and employees of Mary’s Medicinal have spread misleading and false information about the company, which violates Colorado Consumer Protection Act.

Details and Allegations in the RX Green Counter Lawsuit

RX Green Countersues Over False Claims

RX Green Countersues Over False Claims

The following details and allegations were reported in local news reports and court documents:1

Recovering Damages in this Case

There are several charges in this case, but let’s look at defamation of character of the company, RX Green, and see what they’d have to prove to win such a case. In Colorado there’s four elements of a cause of action for defamation:

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