CBS Corp Sues Judge Judy over Show Profits, Alleged Fraud

September 28, 2017

Who knew this sleepy-town family court judge would one day be the center of contention surrounding a multi-million-dollar lawsuit. Well, it appears Los Angeles superior court Judge Yvette Plazuelos has ruled that Judge Judy Sheindlin’s agent, Rebel Entertainment Partners, can go ahead with their lawsuit against CBS television. Unless there…
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5 Costly Business Succession Planning Mistakes to Avoid

December 31, 2015

Business succession planning can be pivotal to protecting your investment in an enterprise and ensuring the longevity of that enterprise. While there is no cookie-cutter way to plan for the succession of a business, however, avoiding the following mistakes can be key leaving a business on your terms and minimizing…
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FAQs about Business Exit & Succession Planning

September 20, 2015

Leaving a business can be one of the biggest financial moves a business owner makes during his lifetime. When this time comes and owners have developed an effective exit plan, they can position themselves to leave on their terms – maximizing the possible payouts they receive while minimizing the associated…
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