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5 Questions Business Owners Should Ask When Considering Government Contracting

Getting into government contracting can be a boon for businesses, providing them with a steady stream of work for months or even years. When business leaders decide to get into government contracting, however, asking the following questions first can help them figure out:

  • The types of contracts to bid on
  • What they may need to do first to position the business for a government contract win.

Questions to Answer before Bidding on a Government Contract

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    What is the intent of becoming a government contractor? – Beyond just looking to expand business operations and increase profits, is there another motivation behind getting into government contracting? What unique government need could your business meet? Knowing what your business’ non-financial motivation(s) is or are for getting into government contracting can be pivotal to developing an exceptional bid.

  2. What government agency would my business be a best fit for? – The answer to this question can help you focus your attention on the best-fit agencies, which again can position your bid (and efforts/expended resources) for positive returns.
  3. Is my business prepared to dedicate time and resources to the involved application process? – Putting together a bid for a government contract and then getting through the bidding/review process can take months (or sometimes longer), depending on the nature of the contract. So, before you start spinning your wheels, consider the big picture and whether your business will be able to commit time and staff to support the bid development process, to present the bid in an interview in the future and to undergo the vetting process (among other things).
  4. Is the business prepared to take on the work that could come with a government contract? – Specifically, would your business in its current state be able to handle the current workload, as well as the new work that will come if the bid is won? If not, it’s crucial to consider what additional infrastructure may be needed to support a government contract win.
  5. Who would my business be competing against and how could we beat the competition? – The answer to this question is really intended to help business leaders figure out whether they should be partnering with other businesses in the contracting/work effort and, if so, what businesses would make the best partners moving forward.

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