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4 Steps to Take When You Want to Win a Govt. Contract

Winning a government contract can be a boon for any business. From securing a stable source of revenue to making connections with professionals who can help your business in the future, government contracting can be extremely beneficial.

Before your business can enjoy such advantages, however, it first needs to win a government contract. Below, we’ll point out some of the things you can do to optimally position your business for a government contract win.

Position Your Business for a Govt. Contract Win By…

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    Teaming up with another business – Although a certain percentage of government contracts are specifically set aside for small businesses, partnering up with one or two other small businesses when bidding for a contract can be a smart move.

    This is because collaborating with other businesses can establish credibility for your business, potentially lower your bid and possibly even connect you with businesses that already have a history of working on government contracts (thereby helping your business with compliance-related issues).

  2. Finding a mentor – If your business has never worked on a bid for a government contract before, finding a mentor is another good move when putting together your proposal. Mentors, which can be found at networking events or even through professional associations, can help businesses efficiently navigate the marketplace and sidestep potential mistakes when putting together and presenting bids for government contracts.
  3. Getting certified – Depending on the type of business or work your company performs, getting certified in your field may be another effective way of getting a step ahead of the competition when it comes to winning a government contract. A certification will essentially alert government officials that your business is officially recognized for providing a certain quality/level of services.
  4. Focusing your bid on performance and government-centric values – As you develop your proposal for a government contract, two important points of focus that should drive your proposal should be your company’s past performance (i.e., demonstrating a strong ability to deliver goods/services on time) and a clear understanding of what the government client needs (i.e., demonstrating a clear understanding of the client’s values, challenges and goals).

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