4 Helpful Tips for Developing Effective Business Plan Executive Summaries

October 31, 2015

A business plan executive summary may be your only chance to communicate how your business will achieve success to potential investors, partners, employees and others. Given that these summaries are limited in length, below are some tips on what to focus on in order to develop a compelling, effective executive…
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5 Questions Business Owners Should Ask When Considering Government Contracting

October 20, 2015

Getting into government contracting can be a boon for businesses, providing them with a steady stream of work for months or even years. When business leaders decide to get into government contracting, however, asking the following questions first can help them figure out: The types of contracts to bid on…
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3 Ways to Protect Business Trade Secrets with Non-Employees

October 10, 2015

A business’ trade secrets can be the basis of success for that enterprise. While we’ve discussed what businesses can do to protect their trade secrets with new and departing employees in previous blogs, here, we will point out some of the primary ways to protect trade secrets in dealings with…
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