6 Steps to Take before Changing Your Business’ Name

September 30, 2015

Businesses that gain or lose a partner, those who are trying to rebrand and even those that may be trying to get away from a negative association may all consider changing their names. Regardless of why a business name needs to be changed, the how of it is typically involved….
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FAQs about Business Exit & Succession Planning

September 20, 2015

Leaving a business can be one of the biggest financial moves a business owner makes during his lifetime. When this time comes and owners have developed an effective exit plan, they can position themselves to leave on their terms – maximizing the possible payouts they receive while minimizing the associated…
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How to Figure Out If You Have a “Small Business”

September 10, 2015

Although you may think your business’ operations are small, there are specific standards a business entity has to meet in order to qualify as a small business. Understanding what these standards are can be critical to determining whether your business qualifies for small business loans (and government contracts/other opportunities). What…
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